Our Team

The InFusion Team

The future of renewable energy generation and storage is here (almost), and this is the team that is making it happen. Passionate about changing the world for the better, our team has ambitious goals and the drive and knowledge to acheive them. We are working to bring mainstream hydrogen storage to your home and revitalize innovation in a technologically stagnant industry. Join us on our journey as we seek to revolutionize how the world stores and uses energy.

Alex Cox

Alex Cox - Co-Founder, System Architect

The architect of InFusion Technologies and the InFusion Energy System, Alex is in charge of the system design. He is currently a sophomore studying neuroscience at the University of Michigan.

His love of massive world problems lead him to create solutions to home energy problems and novel ways of energy generation and storage. His designs are at the heart of the InFusion Energy System and the core of the company.

Ashley Bock

Ashley Bock - Marketing, Graphic Design

A sophomore at the University of Michigan Stamps School for Art & Design graphic design, Ashley is passionate about great design and using it to make a better more understanable world.

The graphic deisgn guru behind our promotional material and graphics. She is the designer behind much of the flow diagrams and material that makes our technology a little more freindly and a lot more understandable

Spencer Maroukis

Spencer Maroukis - Systems Engineer

A Michigan native, Spencer Maroukis is a Sophomore in electrical engineering at University of Michigan’s College of Engineering. Spencer’s love of electricity and discovering new ways of generating is has given him insight into the opportunities for sustainable energy development in his home state and the world. Coastal winds and clear summer skies are indicative of the bounty of natural resources that the Wolverine State provides. Spencer seeks to learn from the best and build for the future, a few of his favorite activities include competing in triathlons, hardware hacking, reading classic novels, and fantasizing about traveling the world.

At InFusion he is in charge of figuring out all the ways you can use the wind to make power. From bristling shingles to new uses for millennia old chimneys, Spencer has thought of nearly everything and is working to create new ways to generate energy effectively all year round.

Vishnu Pillai

Vishnu Pillai - Chief Aero Engineer

Born under the auburn glow of the Sandia Moutains in Albuquerque, NM , Vishnu brings a unique viewpoint to our team of engineers. A sophomore mechanical engineer at the University of Michigan with a minor in multidisciplinary design and penchant for racing aerodynamics.

At InFusion, Vishnu is head of system design and integration. His particular focus is on wind turbine designs. He has built our first prototype compact wind turbine and is currently working to integrate the output of this wind turbine with our hydrogen system for free chemically stored energies.


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